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Why Is Tempered Glass a Good Idea?

Many times after we purchase a phone, we think twice about buying a tempered glass screen protector. The reason being that we just spent $900.00 or more on an iPhone, and we don’t want to spend any more. Spending an extra $10 on a glass screen protector will not break your wallet. It’s important to invest in a good screen protector and case for your phone because fixing a cracked screen costs much more than buying protection. And let’s be honest here, no one likes looking at a cracked screen.

Did you know that the average time it takes for most people to drop and break their phone screen is 10 weeks after they first purchase it? That’s about the time we become comfortable. Most breaks happen within our own homes because we are more relaxed and laid back. 38% of people say they stress out about breaking their iPhone/Android because they’re worried about how much the repair will cost them. Multiple drop tests have confirmed that although many newer phones such as the IPhone X and Samsung S9 endure a 6-foot fall on concrete, the screen still cracks. As for the older models such as the iPhone SE, a 6-foot drop kills the phone completely and it becomes unusable. Life is meant to be lived stress and worry free, so buy yourself that tempered glass screen protector and keep on living. Most phone stores will even apply it for you!

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