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iPhone 7/8/7+/8+ Home Button Irreplaceable!

Bad home button on the iPhone 7? Want it repaired? Well sadly these home buttons can’t be repaired by third party shops anymore. The iPhone 7 home button is not a physical home button that clicks but more of a metal plate that does not have an actual click but it’s programmed to vibrate whenever you press on the home button. You can actually go into settings and change the vibration levels of the home button.

If you damage this home button in any way you will have to go to apple and have them fix it. Either they will need to recalibrate the software in the home button with a special tool they have or replace it with another home button if it’s ripped or has any physical damage. This repair can cost up to $349 if you don’t have apple care. Prices vary with apple care and with the plus or regular model of the iPhone but still heavy on the pocket.

This is another (example or way) of apple trying to stop its users from fixing their own devices or using third party repair shops. They tried to do this way back with the iPhone 6 with the Error 53. What happened is that if anybody else except for apple would try to fix the home button it would brick the whole phone. After a big response from consumers complaining and a lawsuit, Apple went ahead and fixed the issue. But now they are doing the same thing with the iPhone 7 and 8. Not as bad as bricking the device but forcing you to fix the home button using their service even-though if you do own a piece of property you should be able to decide how and where would you like to fix it.

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