Purchase a Device

We sell quality used Smartphones for a fraction of what they cost new. Along with that, we occasionally have iPods, tablets, and computers. We have a return policy and offer warranty for any device sold here. A full refund is available if the device has any issues within 14 days and all phones come with a charging cable!

Here is a list of some of our popular phones we usually have in stock.


  • iPhone 5S             16GB    $99 or lower

  • iPhone 6                16GB    $149 or lower

  • iPhone 6S             16GB    $199 or lower

  • iPhone 7                32GB    $299 or lower

  • iPhone 7 Plus     32GB     $349 or lower


  • Galaxy S5         16GB       $89 or lower

  • Galaxy S6         32GB       $149 or lower

  • Galaxy S7         32GB       $225 or lower

  • Galaxy S8         64GB       $375 or lower

If you are interested in any other device, Call or Text TODAY!