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Here at Simple Phone Solutions we always want to provide the best customer experience. Ever since we were young, we enjoyed messing with phones, whether that was repairing or in other cases, breaking. However, that dedication has taught us everything that we know. Because of that, we decided to make that our career choice. The joy of messing with phones has helped us satisfy the needs of almost every customer that comes in to our stores.


As suggested by our name, we aim to provide the simplest solution to all of your phone problems. Ever since our founding in 2015, we have strived to become the most reliable and experienced phone dealers in the area.  Over the years, we have built relationships with our customers and people locally, alongside businesses nationally. We stand behind our products and services, whether it be repairs of sales, and offer warranty in the rare cases that it does not meet our customers satisfaction.

Along with offering used smartphones and tablets at a fraction of the original cost, we offer a variety of accessories for the same and additional products. We offer screen protectors, charges and cases for many different devices. Our technicians are certified at repairs to many of the devices that are out in the market today, including those that have been out for a period of time. We will find a way to solve your problem.

So, if you are a having a problem with your device, whether it’s internal or external, come in today and we will help you find a way to resolve that here at Simple Phone Solutions!

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