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Why Choose Phone Solutions?

If you are looking for the most reliable and experienced phone dealers in Vancouver, Washington, you need to consider Phone Solutions! Since it was founded in 2015, Phone Solutions has strived to become the best phone repair business in the market!

Do you have an Apple iPhone whose display you want fixed? Or do you need a front screen or back glass replacement for your phone? We will go above and beyond to provide you with the best service! We offer the highest quality services for a low cost. We will repair your iPhone or Android for less cost than what other phone repair businesses might charge you.

We aim to offer only the top level services to all our clients. We are considered the best iPhone repair shop online and our prices are considered to be the most affordable by the people in Vancouver WA. You might wonder why you should choose us over the other smart phone repair businesses right? Well, let us answer that!

If your phone breaks, you surely want it to get fixed at once and that is why we offer same day repairs. All the other phone repair businesses will quote you high prices but we guarantee affordable prices while offering the best services. And yes, people want the most reliable warranty for phone repairs right? Regarding our warranty, we provide a 1 year warranty with repairs and 14 days warranty when purchasing device. Our warranty beats every other phone repair business!

We have been building strong relationships with our clients and the local people of Vancouver Washington for years now. Whether it is a repair we take in or a sale, we stand behind every element of our business to ensure the best possible services. So, if you want an iPhone or Android repair and you are present in Vancouver WA, know that we are present in a location near you!

You can also visit our online site if you want to find out more about us. So visit us if you want top notch phone repair services or if you would like to buy a pre-owned device for less!

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