Conserve your phones’s battery durability

How long does a phone battery usually last?Typically, a phone battery should last you 2 to 3 years. If you misuse your battery, it can last only 1 year, which is not a very long time at all. Here are some tips on how to make sure your battery lasts longer:

  • You may think it is a good idea to charge your smartphone even when it reaches 50% so that it stays at 100% all day. In fact it is actually better to let your iPhone/Samsung battery run very low before recharging it fully. This may help the battery lasts longer by at least 1 year if not more.
  • Do not let your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone fully discharge often as this really drains your battery life as well.
  • When you are near the mountains or in an area with no cell reception, your smartphone is searching for the closest cell tower and sending receiving signals. This happens over and over again and is not good for your smartphone battery. Try leaving your phone on airplane mode and keep your battery strong.

If all fails and your phone battery dies forever, there are other options. You can buy a pre-owned phone in good condition from any phone store such as “Simple Phone Solutions”. Another option you have is going to the phone store and getting a battery repair. Simple Phone Solutions provides battery repair for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. They also provide Galaxy battery repair for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S8. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

New Phones vs. Pre-owned Phones

Have you ever thought why it might be a better idea to buy a pre-owned smartphone instead of a brand new phone? I know that the idea of buying a smartphone that has been used by someone else is not always a pleasant one but there are actually many benefits to buying a pre-owned smartphone. Many phone stores that sell pre-owned phones sell cheap iPhones and Galaxy phones. Many of us think, “Where can I get a used smartphone”?  Not everyone trusts craigslist, so they search for a craigslist alternative. Here I will introduce four reasons why you should buy a pre-owned phone vs. a brand new phone.

  1. When you buy a pre-owned phone, you don’t sign a contract. When buying a brand new smartphone, most phone stores require you to sign a contract to be able to pay off your smartphone. This could be the newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This contract is usually 1-2 years long.  That’s a long time to stay committed to one phone if you like to try out different models and experiment.
  2. No payments are required. Most brand new phones are very expensive, especially right after they are released. Not everyone can afford to walk in and buy a thousand dollar iPhone. You can just walk into a phones store such as “Simple Phone Solutions” and buy any phone that fits your needs and budget and there’s no need to deal with payments.
  3. When you are bound with a contract you cannot just change your mind and return the phone a week later. If you buy a pre-owned phone from a phone store that specializes in selling such phones, they usually offer a warranty. If you don’t like the phone you can bring it back! It’s simple, easy, and worry free!
  4. The last benefit of buying a pre-owned phone is that you have the ability to trade your phone for a new one, or just for cash if you need extra cash.

Used phone stores such as “Simple Phone Solutions” offer unlocked Apple iPhones and other used phones for a great price. These used smartphones are in great condition! It is definitely worth it to try buying pre-owned phones instead of a brand new phone the next time you decide you need an upgrade or would just like to try a different phone. The different varieties of phones include the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 6, Galaxy 7, Galaxy note 4, and many more. There are over 50 different phones to choose from including carriers such as Verizon unlocked, AT&T, Cricket, Metro PCS, and T-Mobile. Stop by a used phone store today and help out a small business.

Why Is Tempered Glass a Good Idea?

Many times after we purchase a phone, we think twice about buying a tempered glass screen protector. The reason being that we just spent  $900.00 or more on an iPhone, and we don’t want to spend any more. Spending an extra $10 on a glass screen protector will not break your wallet. It’s important to invest in a good screen protector and case for your phone because fixing a cracked screen costs much more than buying protection. And let’s be honest here, no one likes looking at a cracked screen.

Did you know that the average time it takes for most people to drop and break their phone screen is 10 weeks after they first purchase it? That’s about the time we become comfortable. Most breaks happen within our own homes because we are more relaxed and laid back. 38% of people say they stress out about breaking their iPhone/Android because they’re worried about how much the repair will cost them. Multiple drop tests have confirmed that although many newer phones such as the IPhone X and Samsung S9 endure a 6-foot fall on concrete, the screen still cracks. As for the older models such as the iPhone SE, a 6-foot drop kills the phone completely and it becomes unusable. Life is meant to be lived stress and worry free, so buy yourself that tempered glass screen protector and keep on living. Most phone stores will even apply it for you!

iPhone 7/8/7+/8+ Home Button Irreplaceable!

Bad home button on the iPhone 7? Want it repaired? Well sadly these home buttons can’t be repaired by third party shops anymore. The iPhone 7 home button is not a physical home button that clicks but more of a metal plate that does not have an actual click but it’s programmed to vibrate whenever you press on the home button. You can actually go into settings and change the vibration levels of the home button.

If you damage this home button in any way you will have to go to apple and have them fix it. Either they will need to recalibrate the software in the home button with a special tool they have or replace it with another home button if it’s ripped or has any physical damage. This repair can cost up to $349 if you don’t have apple care. Prices vary with apple care and with the plus or regular model of the iPhone but still heavy on the pocket.

This is another (example or way) of apple trying to stop its users from fixing their own devices or using third party repair shops. They tried to do this way back with the iPhone 6 with the Error 53. What happened is that if anybody else except for apple would try to fix the home button it would brick the whole phone. After a big response from consumers complaining and a lawsuit, Apple went ahead and fixed the issue. But now they are doing the same thing with the iPhone 7 and 8. Not as bad as bricking the device but forcing you to fix the home button using their service even-though if you do own a piece of property you should be able to decide how and where would you like to fix it.